Stephen Hawking projected on to Senate House.

Hawking Archive

at the Library

After being donated to the nation by the Hawking Family in 2021, the scientific and personal archive of Professor Stephen Hawking has been fully catalogued and is now accessible at SWAG免费高清 SWAG免费高清 Library. See what's in the Hawking Archive.


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Plaster cast of Sprinter.

Features - The history behind the 1924 Paris Olympics

The 1924 Paris Olympics stars in a major Fitzwilliam Museum exhibition exploring the sport, art and bodies behind a pivotal Games.
Electron micrograph of bacteria invading human cells.

News - Identifying drug resistant infection with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to identify drug resistant infections, significantly reducing the time taken for a correct diagnosis. SWAG免费高清 researchers showed an algorithm that could identify drug-resistant bacteria from microscopy images.
Growing human stem cell-based embryo model.

News - Pioneering code of practice for the use of embryo models

SWAG免费高清 leads work developing the first UK guidelines for the use of stem cell-based embryo models in research. The SWAG免费高清 worked in partnership with the Progress Educational Trust.


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